Hybrid Z 2013 Picnic

When: September 28th (yes, same as JCCS, sorry. Options were slim)

Where: Kennedy Grove Recreational Area @ 6531 San Pablo Dam Rd

Food: $10 Cover charge for Burgers @ Dogs

Notes: As always, don't forget $5 for parking

We'll be parked in the same area, on the gravel just north of the entry gate. So as you come in the gate, make a U-Turn to the right hand side and you'll see the Z cars. I'm going to get there a bit earlier this year so I can hold more parking space for us, as that's been a problem in the past.

As always everyone is invited. Though I started this as a HybridZ social event, I never wanted it to just stay that way. If you like cars, show up in what you got!

And Also! ...In October (maaaaaybe November) we're going to follow it up with a new style of casual meet (not a BBQ) up in the Sacramento area. It'll most likely be held in a parking lot with good eats nearby.

Shirts! Yes we plan to do shirts again this year! Nick is working tirelessly all day every day preparing an amazing shirt. We're also hoping that provided we really like the design, to make a large batch of them and then just date as many as we have pre-orders, which would allow us to not only have a few extra in stock, but also hopefully bring the price down to a reasonable cost, which has always been a goal of mine. Limited runs of shirts get really expensive, so lets get those pre-orders rolling so we have an idea of how large a batch we can run! Price should land somewhere between $15-20 and we'll confirm that as the date gets closer.

Who is coming?

Photos from NorCal 4th annual



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